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Simple solutions to help you work from home.

Innovative technology for the legal industry

With face-to-face interaction with clients not possible at the moment, businesses are having to adapt very quickly to quite different ways of working.

Our own cloud-based technology means that you can remain efficient and protect the best interests of your clients even when working remotely.

Technology has proven to be a real asset to thousands of property professionals as communication moves to online meetings and video calls.

Perform online AML checking, send documents for secure e-signing, and manage incoming quote enquiries with our conveyancing toolkit.

Our suite of tools includes

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Boost your learning potential with our CPD Programme

We've got a great choice of free sessions designed to bring you up to speed with issues facing the industry. Delivered via webinar, we've got your training needs covered.


An update on Anti-Money Laundering Regulations with the introduction of the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) in January 2020.

Cyber Security

Cyber-crime is one of the biggest issues facing the legal industry. Over 60% of law firms fell victim to it in the last year. The best defence is to train your staff.

Beyond Transparency

The transparency rules require all law firms to display price and service information on their websites. For law firms, the challenge now is how to stand out.

Title Insurance

20% of all residential property transactions involve the purchase of at least one indemnity policy. This CPD provides an overview of the main policies together with some useful case studies.

SRA Regulations

Keeping you up to date with the latest SRA Regulations including Code of Conduct, updated accountancy rules and different ways of working.

Equality and Diversity

An in-depth review of Equality and Diversity law and the industry regulators viewpoint. Acknowledging the commercial advantages of having an Equality and Diversity Policy.

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